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Ladies and gentlemen!

If you happen to be involved in using/developing haskell-powered software you might like to answer our poll on that matter.

Thanks in advance!


Another small breakthrough today for those who would like to see haskell programs running.

Here is a small incomplete HOWTO for gentoo users on how to build a crosscompiler running on x86_64 host targeted on ia64 platform.

It is just an example. You can pick any target.

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Today I have unmasked ghc-7.6.1 in gentoo‘s haskell overlay. Quite a few of things is broken (like unbumped yet gtk2hs), but major things (like darcs) seem to work fine. Feel free to drop a line on #gentoo-haskell to get the thing fixed.

Some notes and events in the overlay:

  • ghc-7.6.1 is available for all major arches we try to support
  • a few ebuilds of overlay were converted to EAPI=5 to use subslot depends (see below)
  • we’ve got working ghc-9999 ebuild with shared libraries by default! (see below)

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A year has passed since last update from gentoo haskell team. Quite a few things have happened in haskell land since:

  • ghc-7.2 and 7.4 were released by GHC HQ
  • hackage got ever increasing ton of package bumps
  • overlay got some of those updates
  • cabal test suite by Thomas Tuegel became more popular
  • and many others!

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